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Let's Get Lucid

by Babal

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    May appeal to listeners of Talking Heads, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Bent Knee, Jimi Hendrix, Primus, and Patti Smith

    Limited Edition CDr housed in a 6-panel full-color digipak with original art by Glen Tomney and Russ Brown, plus a full-color four-page booklet containing lyrics and pics of the band.

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Smoking with the Devil Meet the devil; I’ve been smoking with the devil, I’ve been digging in the bin, for the last fag I gave up I wanna drag… In a fit of healthful vigor; scoured out now I draw breath, for a lungful of smoke And I can’t see the joke, that the vapid vaporists do, What are they missing? With their sucking and hissing; like taking a leak….without the pissing. My joy is the intake, not the hit; searching for rollies in jumbled up shit! But this is raving! This is nicotine craving; I’m smoking with the devil, I wanna meet the devil……. As we lean into hell, with a smoke in our hands And the devil lights up with a blaze of demands. Burning our thoughts on a list of commands, I just wanted fame! I just wanna blame! Sweet suck succulent face of reddening shame Walk the coals and feel the pain; you stepped on many To get your share, no remorse, you didn’t care! He draws the blood and sinks the bones. Takes the chips out the mobile phones Good for scrap, his other business… Plus, car boots, fairs and garage sales, Fetes, bazaars and cleaning houses, Raising Cain and personal hell, I’ve been smoking with the devil And now the pay-off for his lordship, the devil, The final level, success success All the money, all the houses, all the botoxed spouses, Now it seems I played for nothing No better than I thought Straight to hell I’ve been smoking, I’ve been smoking, I’ve been smoking with the devil, with the devil, with the devil, with the devil….. I’ve been smoking with the devil!!!!..... Karen Langley 4/6/2015 & 7/3/23 Learn to entertain yourselves Learn to entertain yourselves; before it’s too late, Take a moment to release the gate that lets in all those neural sparks…. That follow paths, but leave no marks. No-one can tell you what you’re thinking, all the CCTV and the eyes that see you from every angle of your world, They can keep looking in, but they’ll never find a crack of light that takes them anywhere good! When all their eyes are on seek and destroy, seek and destroy; not love! Moving through time and space, a poetic shadowman leaving golden imprints all around, What will you leave, what will you leave, what will you leave behind? A pile of payment slips, some packages from Amazon, some hot tips for e-bay, some twitters, some posts, some blogs some suck-minded numbing dogs of intelligence! That hack, hack, hack away all your real romance. That small glance away, to a vista broad and green, to a vista broad and green, Not like the rain forest, just your little piece of grass, at your window Take off your shoes, go walk on the wet, wet, wet grass And let this neural highway pass you by for a while, Learn to entertain yourselves before it’s too late, Lift your face away from the blu-ray and say hello; to the day, to the day, to the day…… We do not understand, we are dazzled and dormant, the knowledge will be discordant; we will see the music, we will hear the light! Dazzling, dizzying, coming undone, dazzling, dizzying, coming undone, dazzling, dizzying, coming undone!...... The sound of love inherent; Divine rhapsodic fellowship; We lay in lambent light, we lay in lambent light, Who does not want us to hear? Karen Langley
Radical 09:52
Radical Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year; how long do I have to sit here? Are you happy sat down there in your new shoes and your smart hat and your bag? I don’t want to be like that; I want to be radical. When do you stop being radical? Does it come with age? Are you born to be thinking a different way? When will you get peace in your mind? No more soft-peddling now; I want to be radical. Speaking from the front of the car, not back seat driving, or skiving in my 9 to 5 late lunch latte long meetings and greetings. The new investors who steal my vest, even when I do my best! We want everything for less! How can we cut, prune, get rid of too soon, the Natural Wastage, the sick and Aged…. Get gone, cut corners! Get gone, cut corners! I wanna be radical! I wanna be radical! I don’t want to trim the edges, hide behind Hedges of big-time profits, Big wave injections to curb the infections But the deep cut finish won’t win or diminish I want to be radical! I want to be radical! I want to be radical; I want to be radical! It’s too far gone; it’s too far gone…. It’s not a bomb, it’s not a bomb, or a man, an incendiary plan! Change is coming! Change is coming! See them all running, see them all running! Doing their sums with their pants falling down, killing the crowd by being a clown, a clown, a clown, a clown with a switchblade under his coat; the clown with a switchblade next to your throat! RADICAL, RADICAL LET’S BE RADICAL, RADICAL, RADICAL! Before it’s just a tea-towel, a garden trowel, a box of sweets and frozen treats. RADICAL CLOTHES, RADICAL SHOES, RADICAL STANCE WITH NOTHING TO LOSE RADICAL NOISES, RADICAL SONGS, RADICAL VOTING TO RIGHT ALL THE WRONGS! RADICAL MONEY, RADICAL DEBT, RADICAL WEALTH HASN’T REACHED US YET! RADICAL PHONES, RADICAL BONES, RADICAL COPS, RADICAL CLONES! Radical is only the start; Radical just plays its’ part I WANNA BE RADICAL, I WANNA BE RADICAL, I WANNA BE RADICAL, I WANNA BE RADICAL Or maybe I’ll just be good and sit in a corner, drink my drink. Can you get me some peanuts? I’ll sit here, I won’t say a word; I’ll be a GOOD GIRL, I’ll do my sums, I’ll do everything you ask me to; just make sure I know what I’m meant to be doing, because I’ve lost my reason TO BE SANE, TO BE SANE, TO BE SANE, TO BE SANE,TO BE SANE, TO BE SANE, TO BE SANE……… I WANNA BE RADICAL!!!! Karen Langley
Going Home 08:33


“Let’s get Lucid” Album Review

“Meet the Devil – as we lean into hell, with a smoke in our hands, and the Devil lights up with a blaze of demands…”; if this sounds familiar from your own life experience, then BABAL’s new album “Let’s Get Lucid” will definitely appeal.

Lyricist/singer Karen Langley told me;” We brought out “Who will I be when I leave?” last year as a kind of question. Our latest musical journey is connected to that. It’s dealing with how we live/accept life, our coping mechanisms, distractions and dreams/nightmares”.

On first listening to “Smoking with the Devil” the opening track, I was immediately drawn into the many-layered musical landscape by Rob Williams on guitars/synths, evoking progressive 1970s ideas alongside jazz rock crossover territory.

Karen’s unique dark tones unravel and fold into Zappaesque couplets and deep dystopian blues, describing a chance meeting with Lucifer…….it descends accordingly….

On the second track “Learn to entertain yourselves”, we move into what initially sounds like a brighter plane, but which swiftly dives down into an expose of modern life under the eyes of CCTV and hours in front of screens and pads.

“Take off your shoes, go walk in the wet, wet, wet grass, and let this neural highway pass you by for a while”, invites Karen in a sweet jazz vocal that softens the impact of the dreadful time-wasting consequences of our over-connected lifestyles.

The track then lurches toward the fragmented with Rob and drummer Jon Sharp bringing an almost circus-like quality as Karen depicts a world that is “dazzling, dizzying, coming undone”. It ends in a most unexpected quasi-spiritual feel that brings a certain hope from the craziness.

Out of that and into “Radical” – the song BABAL has chosen (rightly in my opinion) as a single release. This really is meaty! Reminiscent again of jazz crossover pieces of the finest 1970s-era caliber, this song is completely on-point for the present times. “No more soft-peddling, I want to be radical! Speaking from the front of the car, not the back-seat driving or skiving in my 9-5 late lunch latte long meetings”.

On the page, it looks weird, but when Karen sings it with her eccentric phrasing and sarcastic passion, it sounds perfectly hard-hitting.

The middle crazy chorus section is a high point; envisage Patti Smith and early P.J. Harvey mixed in with Lottie Lenya (and maybe some Ethel Merman) – we get Brechtian existential avant-garde jazz-rock! BABAL outros to songs tend to be quite a trip in themselves, and “Radical” has a great one.

“Going Home” came out of a day’s reverie at a special place in the Southwest of England Karen tells me. “Being near the coastline always makes me think of how small we are and how we came into being, and where we are going” she says, “Going Home” feels like reaching out to get an understanding of humanity and life on Earth. It evolved even more when Rob played the plangent opening chords and everything followed on from that” It really is a vocal blitz of harmonies and ecstatic lengthened notes (all actual; no tech tricks – Karen is keen to keep the singing as ‘real-time’ as possible) The synths and guitars are achingly beautiful to support the voices. Rob Williams’ guitar/synth mastery held me in an entranced state throughout. Definitely not a piece to listen to while driving…. In fact, this track really invites you to lie on the floor and melt away with it – it’s divine.

So, these are the tracks, but BABAL has always believed in giving “extras” to listeners. “Radical” and “Going Home” are served up at the end of the album in different ways; an instrumental mix for “Radical”, and a vocal-only mix of “Going Home”. Both are stunning. The “Radical” instrumental shines out, displaying Rob and Jons’ talents to the full, consolidating years of playing together in this tight, sassy version.

“Going Home” will lull you onto a dream ship of angelic voices, an almost mythical voyage with no land in sight….

“Let’s Get Lucid” will satisfy BABAL fans and hopefully stretch out to some new ones, as it is original, daring, and beautifully produced; a real avant-garde classic in embryo.
(Review by Whigham Sykes).


released November 27, 2023

Karen Langley - vocals/arrangements
Rob Williams - guitars, guitar synth, programming
Jon Sharp - drums

Recorded at BABALKastel, Malvern, spring 2023
Produced by Rob Williams and Karen Langley
Engineered and mastered at the White House, Kewstoke, near Bristol by Martin Nichols
All music composed by Rob Williams
All lyrics and vocal arrangements by Karen Langley
Registered with the Performing Rights Society UK


all rights reserved



Babal Bristol, UK

One speaks and a thousand misunderstand
where millions are silent and a thunderous applause erupts
where chatter overwhelms humility and gossip destroys worlds
the tongues wag, the ears flap, and the mind creates a wall
everything has been said but no one has understood
talking with conviction and concluding that knowledge is easy and affects a multitude of expanding smokescreens around the truth
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